Corporate Social Responsibility

As an international organisation, Maverick aims to conduct its business in a socially responsible manner; to contribute to the communities in which it operates and respect the needs of employees, investors, customers, suppliers, regulators and stakeholders.

Diversity and Equality

Maverick is fully committed to employment policies that provide and promote equal employment opportunities for all employees and applicants as well as maintaining a workplace that ensures tolerance, respect and dignity for all its employees. No employee, contract or temporary worker, or job applicant will be treated less favourably, victimised or harassed on the grounds of their disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, age or any other class protected by applicable law.


We are continuously reviewing business practices and investing in technology to help minimise our impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

Charitable Action

Each year we give our 'mavericks' the opportunity to volunteer their services to charity for a day. We have a strong relationship with the Allegra Foundation through ‘Project Waterfall’ which in partnership with ‘WaterAid’, provides clean drinking water, good hygiene and improved sanitation to some of the poorest communities of Africa. Last year we helped to raise funds which supported over 5,000 people in the Mbulu district of Tanzania.